My neighbours are having a large tree felled and mulched. At 7am. This is not neighbourly behaviour.

@mike I had that happen to me last week. It annoyed the other neighbours more than me though

@ThermiteBeGiants it's pretty obvious they have 7am down as their "turn the loud machine on" point, as it kicked up pretty much exactly then.

@ThermiteBeGiants yep, they know exactly what they're doing. They had to have already been set up and ready to go to kick off at 7. They had a bloke with a chainsaw up a tree.

I'm not really incredibly disturbed or anything, it was just a very sudden, loud thing that I could have used some warning for ...


@mike @ThermiteBeGiants We have a large tree that needs trimming every couple of years (the most often we can do it) and the tree people are in control of the timings. They just show up and do their thing. Your neighbour likely didn't even know what time they were turning up until they did.

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