Builders are here to replace the broken laserlite from the hail a few weeks back. This will mean we can put the trampoline back under cover and give Jnr somewhere to go to burn off some energy in the holidays. Thank the gods.

Lead builder is worried about the jobs he has in flight. Some people are "sure, we'll help each other out" and others are starting to get antsy about paying, which then makes it hard for him to pay his subbies.

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I told him not to worry about us. We'll pay promptly, and if he wants to invoice for smaller chunks of work, that's fine too. We can keep the money flowing to him, and from him to others.

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Happily it looks like a bunch of the storm damage repairs will happen this week. Dunno if the storm drainage will get done, so I hope we don't have another big storm anytime soon.

I worry that there are a lot of people in damaged houses that won't be able to get their stuff repaired because the system seizes up. If the parts manufacturers and disties get shut, where do the trades get their materials from?

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