Today was really busy and I didn't get to work on the stuff I wanted to, but the other stuff mostly got handled and overall it was a good day.

I am getting much better at adulting with the help of practicing working my lists, and when I do it successfully it feels fucking amazing.

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I will never be happy about the sheer volume of paperwork and tedious detailed project management involved in being a functioning adult, though. I shudder to think how others worse off than me cope with this.

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Being much more disciplined about staying away from :birdsite: may be part of it as well.

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@daedalus here and there are my main escapes from the adult world

@daedalus I've been away long enough now it's no longer a habit, and it's so much better for me mentally and for my productivity.

@pelagikat @daedalus I would not have written my thesis if I hadn't quit :birdsite: first.

@daedalus Could be worse. Remember 30 years ago how much more was done on paper, and how less access to information there was

@ozguvnor yeah, mostly it's better, though there are pockets (Centrelink) that suck.

@daedalus I remember my first couple of years at Vic Police (1992-1994, which were pre-email. On a bad week you'd have to type up maybe 3 Memo's and post them via internal mail. And maybe get 5 pieces of mail in a week. I got lots done then.

@ozguvnor Ah memos. A thing of the past now, pretty much.

@daedalus Ironically I have gone back to paper lists for daily activities - same reason, satisfaction of staying on track and ticking things off - but with electronic calendars to track stuff long term

@ozguvnor I am a fan of the "look at all the stuff I got done!" effect you get with paper lists, too.

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