The Mrs and Jnr are away visiting rellos tonight, so I am going to get my bachelor on and… watch TV and go to bed at a sensible hour, probably.


Quite likely I'll go to the gym as well, but mostly so I can get some snacks I don't normally have, for consumption during watching of TV.

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I have also placed exactly three (3) cans of beer in the fridge.

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@daedalus I assume they're 500ml cans of Pirate Life Mosaic or IIPA or similar.

@TechnicalKO They are… 330ml cans of something called a Steamrail Ghost of Eyre pale ale that a mate left here at a bbq some months ago.

@daedalus The reviews are pretty scathing. Let me know how you go. :)

@TechnicalKO "A good present for someone you dislike" ahahaha this is going to be terrible.

@daedalus @TechnicalKO IIRC "Steamrail" brewing is basically one of the Woolworths or Coles "home brand" craft beers.

@MattHatton @TechnicalKO My mate was a visiting American, so this makes sense as a quick pick-up-something-on-the-way purchase.

@daedalus @TechnicalKO Yup. Something that doesn't shout "shithouse domestic lager" but also isn't super-exxy.

@daedalus @TechnicalKO I'll wager it's a perfectly serviceable Generic Pale No.3521.

@MattHatton @daedalus @TechnicalKO and a disgrace to the good name of Steamrail (aka Steamrail Victoria, a mainline steam tour operator)

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