Help I may have decided to buy a power washer as well.

@daedalus I refer to the power tool section at Bunning's as the toy store

@tqft I don't really browse, so I've not properly explored a Bunnings really. This has undoubtedly saved me a lot of money.

@tqft That said, a lot of the power tools are much cheaper than I half-remember from ads I probably saw a decade or two ago.

@tqft Yeah I don't need most of those things.

@daedalus I don't use it myself but @cefiar seems to like it. Although we seem to have less use for it at our current house. I might presume to suggest you could borrow ours if you want to see what they're like.

@daedalus @pelagikat It was great to remove moss from the concrete at the previous two places. Here we don't tend to have that issue. Don't tend to wash the car that much, so haven't really used it for that. I may do though in the future.

@cefiar @pelagikat We get a bit of moss on the current brick paving, so could be handy there. I'm mostly sick of the dust/grime on the stucco render. And everywhere else.

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