Now it is saying it only has 5h to go. I guess it sped up?

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@daedalus How big is your pool?

(Backyard, Olympic, or infinity)

@TechnicalKO This is a 2TB backup drive that was having issues on another system at import. Imported fine to this one, though, so who knows? Computers are terrible.

@daedalus I need to offload and rebuild a legacy QNAP disk pool with all our photos, movies and docs. THe old style doesn’t allow for snapshots and other nifty new features.

@ozguvnor Does it not allow in place upgrade via zpool upgrade?

@daedalus No.The QNAP OS wont allow it. It was created under a much earlier build. I physically moved the drive pair over when I life cycled the original one out. We were so close to leaving for the USA I just didn’t have time to migrate to a newly built pair.

@ozguvnor Ah. A bit of a pain to juggle it, but worth it in the end I reckon. Snapshots are very handy. As is lz4 compression.

@daedalus I think I’ll make some time over Chistmas and bite the bullet

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