Every time I wonder if it's possible to make a living doing something I enjoy, I try to remember that someone got paid to name a Pokemon 'Mankey'.

@mike heh. I'll remember that (I too am kind of thinking of cooking up a plan b for myself)

@koosli @mike It will always involve stuff that you do not enjoy, like doing accounting and dealing with service providers who let you down, so try to keep those bits to a minimum lest they take away from the good bits.

@daedalus @koosli I imagine the immense satisfaction of leaning back and thinking "Man. Monkey ... MAN-key. Mankey. Heh." would outweigh an awful lot of crap.

@mike @daedalus this whole time we were discussing the issue seriously you were just sitting back thinking about Mankey, weren't you

@koosli @daedalus someone made that choice AT WORK. They GOT PAID THAT DAY.


@mike @koosli Imagine all of the names they rejected.

@daedalus @koosli looking at the entire list, I'm not entirely sure a name has ever been rejected.

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