Anyone with kids have opinions on Roblox? @trent @geordie ?

@daedalus @trent Paddy's annoyingly nonplussed about construction toys. He's a bit meh about Lego so we never went into roblox.

@geordie @trent This is apparently some online multiplayer thing where you can create games and play ones created by other people.

@daedalus @trent Oh! I was confused. I'll check it out but I have no opinions (clearly, because I didn't know what it was)

@daedalus @trent @geordie My boy's mad on it. Might need to be wary of the messaging and chat features (can be toggled in Settings) depending on your online safety concerns

@Quokka @daedalus @geordie both my boys are super lego fans but I've managed to avoid roblox

@Quokka @trent @geordie Mostly concerned about in-app upsell and predatory gaming/poker-machine mechanics. A little about content he's not quite ready for, and how much close supervision is required.

@daedalus @trent @geordie my girls played it when they were younger. Moved on after a while

@purserj @daedalus @trent @geordie my middle girl (7yo) has just asked about it because a friend of hers plays it. This seems like a relatively non-sensationalist rundown of it: for the record, I haven’t said yes or no to my kid yet...evaluating it.

@fortescue @purserj @trent @geordie Similar here. A friend plays, so I'm in eval mode. I suspect some play together time might be needed to eval if the request persists past today.

@fortescue @daedalus @trent @geordie eh as with all things it can be good or bad, depending on who she plays with.

@daedalus @trent @geordie My younger 2 are on it a lot. (10 and 8). Genius idea as they games all run well even on 10 yo PC’s sans graphics cards. Haven’t had any real problems aside from kids trading in-game funny money (not real $$$) and getting scammed.

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