Started a new, more structured weights regime today. Felt good, but I started light to check my form so I don't damage myself.

@daedalus Got to re-start again. To long off, as incapacitated by medications, started early Feb, but nothing in the last month.

@grumpysmiffy Hopefully you don't have to start from scratch. Still, good to be able to do whatever you can, I guess.

@daedalus Always worth resuming noticeably below what the muscle memory come brain/body interface feels capable of. Should be an initial day 2 & 3 soreness only, that with regularity reverts to +1 day soreness. I restarted 6 months ago and have kept it up. Pleased with the results so far.

@ozguvnor I've been semi-regular for a while, but i'm trying to get into a more regular routine. Not sure what I'll do when travelling if the hotel gym is understocked. Maintenance with light weight, I guess

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