Managed 10km on the treadmill again. 10:20 ish pace with a cool down in the middle. Getting back up there.

@daedalus I’ve tried a few times now and cannot run even on the treadmill anymore :(. The left foot gets sore everytime. I’ve shifted to one of the eliptical machines that your feet never leave the pad. It’s the runners equivalent of de-caffinated coffee. Joyless.


@ozguvnor Erk. Treadmill is pretty tedious, tbh. Is the foot thing fixable, or is it just another Stupid Old Person body thing? I worry about my left knee.

@daedalus Not sure. Health stuff in the USA is so expensive I am just seeing if it improves on its own rather than fork out for the diagnostics. I noticed that i sit on it on the floor whilst I help kids with homework. I only started this in the last year, I used to sit at a table. Thinking perhaps it is this??

@ozguvnor I guess try changing things and see what happens in response. Hopefully it's something simple like that.

@daedalus Doing that now. Hopefully I’ll get results

@daedalus Been a few weeks since I stopped sitting on the floor with the boys, seems to be working. Managed to run about 60% of 4km today, with no issues. Now to get my running fitness back! :)

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