Opening registration up again in case Tumblr folks are looking for somewhere to land.


Feel free to boost that into the Fediverse so people see it, btw.

We're only at 35 users, and some of those are stunned bots, so we're not exactly stressing the infrastructure yet.

@daedalus I've been wondering about image storage - I don't want to post too many if it's going to fill up the server.

@pelagikat Go nuts. Storage is cheap, and I prune old cache fairly aggressively.

@pelagikat The VM has a mere 25G and is at 68% full right now. People aren't uploading full 1080p movies or anything, and I have some insane number of terabytes within 1.5 metres of where I'm sitting.

@daedalus Good to know. I was worried cos the new phone I got this year has an average image size of 5Mb, which feels huge when I remember back to the days of dialup and needing tiny file sizes.

@pelagikat I appreciate your restraint, but you'd have to post 1000 of them in, like, 2 days, for it to break things.
This is not a challenge, btw.

@daedalus I'm not sure I could even attempt to get that close :D

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