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I'm daedalus. I run which is based in Australia where I live. We accept new members via application to keep the signal high and noise floor low.
I'm into systems thinking/cybernetics, organisational design, digital rights, Freedom of Information requests, and shitposting about tech.

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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

The pineapple lollies are just how I remember them. And the raspberries are nice and soft.

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Qantas have added raspberries and pineapples and milk bottles to accompany the licorice allsorts.
I’ve not had a milk bottle in *years*

Spoke to my parents to tell them I was going overseas, and mentioned I’d gotten published in the Guardian.
Dad read my article straight afterwards and texted me to say “Well done” so my week is made no matter what else happens.

Fuck it. I have had a full week and it’s only Wednesday, but it feels like Friday. I am having a second glass of wine.

So because I am flying to the US for the next 18 hours, what are the odds that the AAT releases their decision on my robodebt FOI while I’m in the air?

The dolmades in the Qantas international business lounge are very tasty.

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family, mixed 

Jnr is pretty anxious about me going on this trip. He doesn’t like goodbyes and as he sees me packing it keeps reminding him that I’m leaving. Poor little guy.

Yaaasss points upgrade to premium economy came through!

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BookWyrm is the Fediverse's answer to Amazon's GoodReads.

BookWyrm helps you keep track of what you're reading, discover new books and publish reviews of books you've read.

You can follow them at @bookwyrm and find out more at:

There's a list of servers to join at:

There's a built-in book catalogue powered by Wikidata in collaboration with @inventaire

BookWyrm is part of the Fediverse and accounts on BookWyrm servers can be followed by people from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse is the BookWyrm founder's account.

Anyone (except corporations) can start their own BookWyrm server by installing the software, and there's a managed hosting service for people who join the top tier on Patreon (

#BookWyrm #Fediverse #Books #Book #Reading #Literature #GoodReads #Alternatives

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New default avatar for just dropped. Dropped a chip. hahaha.

Defending my sandwich from the Feathered Sandwich Thief

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"I can't believe you'd show your face while doing the Trombone Champ Fleshlight thing!"

Shame does not exist here. I cannot stress enough how absolutely ruined my reputation already is after ~18 years of this bullshit.

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