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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

Off to The America again tomorrow. This time for almost two weeks.

There are butcher birds singing outside and it's quite nice.

Thinking about getting a run of stickers done with a couple of these designs. And maybe some of the AI Kitty just by itself.

This DANGER: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE sticker design amuses me.

I think I quite like the Danger: Hexagons one with the benzene ring.

An internet friends has start a Cult of Hexagon which amuses me:

Struggling with focus today. Lack of sleep, methinks.

My brain has decided that 5:30am is the correct time to wake up for some stupid reason.

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@daedalus just saw a coffee shop sign

After Tuesday, even weeks go

Morning Fedifriends! What disgusting weird meme is dominating the discourse today?

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