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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

I feel a bit better after eating the last of my ginger bears.

Storytime is proving a challenge. We're on to The Fifth Elephant and I have to switch quickly between Igor and Lady Morgolotta, a vampire.

It's only Wednesday but I'm a bit over this week.

Reload and you'll find we're on v3.2.0 now.

I have partaken of chocolate pudding.

Instance is now running v3.1.5.
Looking at 3.2.0 upgrade.


The number of cops will increase until morale improves.

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Oof. Strained my back muscles manhandling big sheets of plywood through the tablesaw and slept weird so I woke up with a tension headache.
Worst. Hangover. Ever.

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blaseball is definitely the mastodon of fictional sports, in that I completely love it as an emergent online social phenomenon while recognizing that on average it is way more gay and trans and horny than I can meaningfully keep up with and I'm just gonna be one of the old guys muttering jovially over a beer in the corner


Leaving my house once a day would be a substantial increase. I have almost forgotten what the front yard looks like.

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Seems to be some confusion around about stage four restrictions, so let me clear some things up:

Fuck buddies: Allowed in both regional Victoria and Greater Melbourne.

Threesomes: Couples living together can invite a third, third must reside within 5km radius.

Foursomes and above: Banned, except for sharehouses.

Polyamory: Allowed within the same house. Participants living outside the main residence can visit but if more than a total of five in residence, two must be out exercising.

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All I could do / was dang a dong ding my dinga beef rendang

*urp* This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: Huge Success.

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spicy lamb rogan josh will improve my mood tremendously.

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It has been suggested that we could have Indian takeaway for dinner tonight. I have enthusiastically welcomed this suggestion and it has made today quite a lot better.

Ugh. Not a great start to the day. It's been a long couple of weeks.

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