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I'm daedalus. I run which is based in Australia where I live. We accept new members via application to keep the signal high and noise floor low.
I'm into systems thinking/cybernetics, organisational design, digital rights, Freedom of Information requests, and shitposting about tech.

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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

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We've seen the Committee to Appease Poseidon described as a "single issue" organisation. This could not be further from the truth.

We are a SINGLE SOLUTION group. All the ills that plague us can be solved if the Prime Minister gets in the sea.

We must #AppeasePoseidon now.

dark, silly 

I hope this letter finds you huddled in fear as it breaks down the door to your hiding place. It is time to answer for your crimes.

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"latex whips tho" a single post that have very different meanings between two separable subsets of the monads field

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To date 100% of Australian Prime Ministers who have gone into the sea have come from the Liberal Party.

The Committee to Appease Poseidon calls upon the ALP, if elected, to commit sending a Prime Minister into the sea immediately upon taking office to address this imbalance.

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All future posts on the Get in the Sea campaign will now be confined to a dedicated account @AppeasePoseidon which will be mirrored to :birdsite: under the same username if that's where you keep your important political activity, or easily ignored completely!

#AppeasePoseidon now!

Stop me from making more paper proposals.

[she is about to go into the coop to lay an egg but if we open the back door she’ll get distracted because she’ll come over to see if we have any food]

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We are trapped in the house by one of our chickens.


Posted my vote so I can ignore all the bullshit now.
Hope the country doesn’t fuck it up again!

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When I was younger I wanted to hire one of those boudoir photographers who make women look super glam and sexy. Never did it. Now I rather think there's a market for faux cage fight photography. Strong, powerful.. I want to look like I just killed a man tbh

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yeah, so being up since 4am means it's definitely time for a nap

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It is 8am and my work day is half over.

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