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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

The biggest thing I miss, being a partnered parent, is quiet time to read a book for fun.

The rain is here, making a gentle sound on the roof and the house is quiet and I have a nice book. Just what I needed, it turns out.

I think I have found somewhere useful to put my anger and despair.

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@liamvhogan One engineer is optimising for reputation and the other is optimising for cost. Write an equation that will give one result that is a real number (8 points)

Describe the ideal email for expressing this equation (2 bonus points)

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Three cheers to the total stranger who just gave me some of their umbrella real estate

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I did a load of washing and then vacillated about hanging it out. Decided to hang it in the laundry just before it pissed down outside :drake_like:

Love to be told I am mansplaining when I am also an expert in this area and we are disagreeing over the substance of your argument.

Today will be an exciting* day of dealing with insurance companies and patching minor damage to the house.

I have now been on hold to my insurance company for over an hour.

A few dents in my car. Broke our kitchen skylight, but the interior diffuser kept most of the rain at bay (a bit of a leak though). Various holes in the laserlight back veranda. Veg garden bird netting trashed.

I can hear basically continuous rolling thunder as it approaches. It's pretty amazing.

This is music video a hell of a thing. CW: body horror, very cyriak areas

(We only have commercial radio on because Jnr insists. Otherwise it'd be on TripleJ or classical or some streaming EDM station).

Commercial radio is trying really hard to make me hate perfectly acceptable songs by playing them 17 times an hour.

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We joke that Cef needs coffee in order to make coffee, but I thought our current coffee machine was a more or less foolproof coffee delivery mechanism. But no - this morning he put his coffee cup in upside down :facepalm:

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