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I'm daedalus. I run which is based in Australia where I live. We accept new members via application to keep the signal high and noise floor low.
I'm into systems thinking/cybernetics, organisational design, digital rights, Freedom of Information requests, and shitposting about tech.

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Ahahahaha holy shit I got quoted into Hansard.

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Aussie bogan RWNJs are not welcome on my instance.

Back online. IPv6 is still broken, alas.

Might have a few short outages on the instance folks. Trying to fix an IPv6 issue with the ISP after the outage the other night.

Melbourne weather 

The sun is nice but the wind is cold.

Sorry instance friends. ISP had a small oops that cut us off for a bit. All better now.

Lifting heavy things up and down even though I didn’t really feel like it.

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It's been a few years and I feel it's safe to say: removing the feed icon from browsers was one of the biggest net-negative impacts to the decentralized web we've seen

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Fellow geeks: the U.S. based telecom I work for is looking for a Sr. Python Engineer to join the SDN Orchestration team. It's a 100% work from home position. DM for more details if interested. This position is not on my team, but of the same org in the company.

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The Trip on is playing some excellent tunes right now. Just what I need to get this blog written.

Forgot to say hi this morning because of early meetings.

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I just thought of the computer lab I used to use at uni (the second time), where all the PCs were set up to make the 'FLASH, AAAAA' sound from the Queen song, on logout, to remind you to remove your thumb drive

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i regret to say your wife has failed her md5 hash check

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