Oh and if I drop those products, I lose 60% of my business. But I really can’t support that shit.

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So I just realised that the products I resell in Australia are manufactured in Texas. I hate what Texas have done with their anti abortion law. So now I’m in a quandary. Support my clients with these products and keep supporting a Texan company or drop both. I can’t think of any third path.

Ok I’m new to this glasses game - how come they get smudgy when you have only had them on your face? I am sure I haven’t touched them and yet they need Another clean???

When the wake up from their daytime nap they will see this. I hope they like it!

So just watched with my son - his first time - and he goes “the Ikran look like geese”. So we paused the screen and voila, they do!

Went for a ride this morning. Usually do about 15ks. Today was going a different route and was really enjoying myself. 25ks later I was quite knackered thank you very much. Thankfully I made it home. My wife wondering where I’d got to!

This morning, my alarm went off, my first reaction was ‘why is it going off now, I’ve only just gone to bed’. Get up to turn it off and yep it’s right and I have not slept very well at all. Fun day ahead unless I get a chance to nap!

Came for a walk here yesterday and loved it. Now bought my in-laws to have a look. It’s beautiful-ler today!


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